According to the Prime Minister's Decision No. 35/2018-TTg dated August 14, 2018, the organizational structure of the General Department of Roads under the Ministry of Transport is composed of the following organizations:

1. Organizations assisting the General Director:

1) Department of Planning and Investment

2) Department of Finance

3) Department of Traffic Safety

4) Department of road management and maintenance

5) Department of Science, Technology, Environment and International Cooperation

6) Department of Transportation

7) Department of Vehicle Management and Driver

8) Department of Organization and Administration

9) Department of Legislation - Inspectorate

10) Department of Road Construction Management.

11) Road Administration Department

12) Road Administration Department II

13) Road Administration Department III

14) Road Administration Department IV

Non-profit organizations under Vietnam Road Administration

15) Northern Transportation Intermediate School

16) Southern Transportation Intermediate School

17) Motorized Vocational Secondary School

18) Thang Long Transport Intermediate School

20) Communication and Information Center Road

21) Road Technical Center

Road Administration Department I has 04 rooms, 01 team, 08 departments and 01 Road Engineering Center. Road Administration Department II has 04 rooms, 01 team, 06 departments and 01 Road Engineering Center. The Department of Roads Management of Ministry III has 04 rooms, 01 team, 05 departments and 01 Road Engineering Center. The Road Management Department of Ministry IV has 04 rooms, 01 team, 07 departments, 01 road technical center and Vam Cong ferry complex. Department of Road Construction Management has office and 04 rooms.

The General Director of the Vietnam Road Administration shall define the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the units under the General Department.